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Mr. Ryosuke Kanemoto

CEO Navigos Group Vietnam JSC

From November 1, 2023. Mr. Ryosuke Kanemoto is taking on the role of CEO. Prior to this position at Navigos Group Vietnam, Mr. Ryosuke Kanemoto held various senior leadership roles in the HR technology industry and Executive Search & Talent Advisory consulting services.

Know more His expertise spans diverse fields including international market development, digital platform, corporate management, training distribution channels, and collaboration channels in Japan, India, the UAE, and the USA. Mr. Ryosuke Kanemoto brings extensive experience in both expertise and management. With profound knowledge of the market, outstanding leadership capabilities, and a customer-centric approach, he is trusted to successfully lead Navigos Group Vietnam in pursuing a strategy for sustainable growth, aiming to elevate Vietnam workforce's capabilities, and become the foremost Talent solution partner for clients in Vietnam.

Mr. Tang Tri Trong

Chief Sales Officer VietnamWorks & BOD of Navigos Group

With more than 22 years of handling key roles in several leading multi-national companies (MNCs) in Vietnam as well as his invaluable experience and extensive knowledge, Mr. Tang Tri Trong has been leading the business development team to accomplish numerous outstanding achievements for VietnamWorks for the last 14 years.

Know more Through building, maintaining and continuously improving the process of selecting & attracting, education & training, monitoring and measuring as well as innovating ways to recognize, motivate and reward employees, he has been constantly creating added values for his team and the whole organization, contributing to VietnamWorks’ steady growth and sustainable development, helping the company retain the number one position in the online recruitment industry in Vietnam. With his life purpose of “Inspire and bring out the best in people to help them achieve their goals with enthusiasm and passion”, Mr. Trong is also an inspiring and passionate expert in education, training, mentoring and coaching nearly 10,000 managers and leaders from reputable companies in Vietnam.

Mr. Hirohide Uchiyama

Head of Product & Marketing

Mr. Hiroaki Shibata

Head of Sales Enablement

Ms. Pham Thi Phuong Khanh

Marketing Director

Ms. Le Mong Hang

Director of Customer Experience

Ms. Chu Thi Ngoc Hanh

Finance Director

Ms. Huynh Bao Khuyen

Operations Director
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