Ho Chi Minh City, December 11, 2019 – VietnamWorks, Vietnam’s largest online recruitment website, belongs to Navigos Group, first time introduces a job called The Big Job. This job is suitable for everyone, regardless of industry, age or level. By applying to The Big Job on the VietnamWorks website from December 9 to December 20, 2019, job-seekers will join hands together with VietnamWorks to bring loving gifts to the less fortunate.

The Big Job Campaign – “Apply for the community”

The Big Job is an online fundraising campaign for the community, which is launched by VietnamWorks. This campaign is one of the activities that are part of Navigos Group’s corporate social responsibility policy.

With just a simple application, participants received 10,000 VND from VietnamWorks for this job. Participants do not need to give any extra money and the total fundraising amount will be used to prepare gifts that worth 200,000 VND each. VietnamWorks will be responsible for giving these gifts to the homeless and orphans in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas at Christmas 2019.


The opportunity to become “Dream Makers” for all users of VietnamWorks

Navigos Group is the first and longest-running company in Vietnam that provides employment services with the mission to help people achieve their career dreams. The Big Job is one of the dream realization activities launched by VietnamWorks, which provides an opportunity for all VietnamWorks users to share their kindness with those less fortunate. In addition, the campaign also encourages job-seekers to update their profiles to prepare for job opportunities in the upcoming new year.

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group, shared: “At Navigos Group, we call our employees Dream Makers because we help millions of job-seekers and thousands of employers connect with each other to develop their personal career and business. When users participate in the “The Big Job” campaign, you also deserve to be called Dream Makers for becoming the “People who realize dreams” of the less fortunate people. Our campaigns for the community serve as a commitment to support and develop the community, thereby leading to the sustainable development of the nation in general and the business in particular”.