October 15th, 2018 – VietnamWorks, an online job sites of Navigos Group, has released its advanced recruitment technique on “Digital Recruiting Handbook”. The content is based on the analysis and statistics of VietnamWorks’s data. Currently, VietnamWorks owns the largest job seeker database in Vietnam, with approximately 3.6 million candidates (most of whom are candidates with two or more years of experience). According to VietnamWorks, 70% of job applicants are from current profiles in Vietnamworks websites while 30% are from new registrations.



Employees get the right people for the right job and more quickly thanks to the digital recruitment

According to VietnamWorks, job search website and social media are two of the most used platforms for recruiting, accounting for 28% and 25%, respectively.
Therefore, the combination of several digital channels in the recruitment strategy is almost always better than using a single channel. Specifically, in addition to providing a certain number of applications, using multiple channels helps to promote the company’s hiring positions and employer brand to more candidates by different digital channels.
This method not only uses the power of marketing tools (previously used only to promote products) to introduce current hiring positions, but also corporate culture, work environment, and attractive benefits packages to potential candidates.

Big Data and Data quality play the most crucial role in digital recruitment.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of digital recruitment techniques, big data containing high quality and regularly updated information will play the most important role, contribute directly to the number of job applications. This is explained as when using automated email systems or running ads on digital media channels such as social media, the more detailed information, the more accurate the ads can target.
In addition, the promotion of online job posting helps to increase the number of job applicants to 458%. This is one of the advanced advertising techniques of VietnamWorks. By automated learning about user’s behavior when they are looking for jobs in a particular industry or job category, VietnamWorks will advertise similar jobs to them on other media channels.
The larger the sites, the higher number of job seekers will receive the job advertisements. Currently, VietnamWorks possess the largest job seekers database with approximately 3.6 million (most of whom are candidates with two or more years of experience) and also is the largest monthly traffic job site in Vietnam with about 8 million views/month.



Shorten the time for hard-to-recruit positions

For difficult positions, the problem is how to recruit the right people who meet the requirements without using too much cost. Digital Recruitment can solve this problem because: Being able to reach the right target audience in various communication channels; Capable of measuring the recruitment performance through detailed reports in each channel.
According to VietnamWorks, the successful application resulted in a 219% increase in the number of applications compared to the initial target of the campaign in only one month, which is getting more than 50 applications compared to the average number of Retail industry.

Optimize access and conversion to recruitment profiles for mass recruitment needs

In the case of mass recruitment, the problem is how to reach a large number of candidates in a short time period and persuade them to apply by providing a clear and precise job description. Digital channels will be an effective method because of: The ability to provide wide coverage, enhance multiple access method, increase trust of job seekers; Taking less time to create an ad, can easily measure the recruitment efficiency; Ability to optimize the cost for job postings.
As noted by VietnamWorks, the successful case after a month increased 455% compared to the original target, each position has more than 270 applications compared to the average.

Effectively promote Employer brand for new businesses

The problem with promoting a recruiting brand is how to increase the candidates’ reach and interest in the brand, while also optimizing the cost. Hence, Digital channels are the best solution for employers, thanks to: The ability to communicate with a large number of target audiences; Reaching candidates more effectively (with automatic ads with more detailed content on the brand after the candidate had searched the business name); Ability to optimize the cost, easy measurement of advertising effectiveness.
A successful case has attracted more than 300 potential candidates to the event, more than 80 of which were applied for the jobs while at the event; the number of applications increased 140% over 03 years of implementation and has collected more than 420,000 reaches on social media.

Recruiting for newly established businesses

The most important thing that new businesses are facing is how to both recruitment and promote the employer brand effectively. The use of digital media channels will be good for employers because of: the ability to reach many candidates via the major media networks; The ability to reach the right target audience; Affordable and easy-to-control recruiting campaigns through detailed measurement systems.
VietnamWorks records successful campaigns that reached over 300,000 audiences with 1.5 million impressions on social media advertising over the past four months and earned 180% of those targeted.