Ho Chi Minh City, February 18, 2020 – VietnamWorks, Vietnam’s largest online recruiting site, belonging to Navigos Group, released a report of “Jobseekers’ interested factors about an Employer Brand”. The report is quantitatively based on the survey results of nearly 3,000 job seekers in the VietnamWorks database


Talents value “Leadership Quality” over other career benefits

According to the survey results about the importance of 6 factors “attracting and retaining talents”, the perspective of employees shows that “Leadership Quality” is more important than other factors that develop their career and bring benefits to their life.

Accordingly, the most important factors in “Attracting and retaining talents” are ranked as Leadership Quality, Company Culture & Value, Employee Reward, Work & Life quality, Company reputation, Development opportunity.

According to candidates, Leadership quality is determined by two of the most important factors: Inspirational vision, clear strategy; Good employee engagement.

Working style and behavior surpass other organization engagements’ related factors

Taking a closer look at the “Company cultures & values” element, employees showed that the factors they prioritize most are related to style, culture, and behavior in the workplace rather than factors related to engagement such as Teamwork spirit or Engagement.

Accordingly, ranking by the importance level, the three things employees expect the highest in the “Company cultures & values” are, respectively, Fairness, respect; Reliability, transparency; Professionalism

The following are the factors: Recognition and reward; Openness, friendliness; Teamwork spirit; Creativity and activeness; Diversity, engagement and integration.

 “Insurances and allowances” are the most important factors in the “Employee rewards” element.

Rated as more important than basic salary, “Insurance and Allowances” are considered by employees to be the most important in the “Employee rewards”. Although financial benefits are no longer ranked as the most important in terms of importance, they are still attractive factors to attract jobseekers, the importance level is ranked as follows: Attractive future income, Guaranteed stable job; Competitive basic salary; Attractive bonus, and Regular salary increase.


The younger the talent, the higher the expectations for working conditions and environments

Statistics from the survey show that the younger generation of jobseekers, the more important the factors related to working conditions and environment than the previous generation. Accordingly, Generation Z (1996 – 2000) assessed the importance of these factors more than Generation Y (1981-1995) and Generation X (1965 – 1980).

Factors related to working conditions and environment are: Diversity, engagement, and integration; Clear career path; Big scope of work and opportunity to contribute; Sufficient facilities, Full facilities, good support for team; Interesting work, diversity experience; Professional training and coaching programs

All three generations agree on the importance of “Sustainable development”.

Generations expressed their point of view when asked to assess the attractive factors of enterprises. Accordingly, the factor “Sustainable development” was selected by more than 80% of the survey respondents of all three groups to be important at different levels (important or extremely important).

Follow that, about 75% of all three groups assessed that the factor “Developing and empowering employees” was important to vary degrees. Only nearly a quarter of candidates from all three groups considered the company’s “Large scale and big revenue” to be important.


Business strategy and corporate behavior towards employees are more important than “attractive income” in many industries

When looking at some popular industry, it can be seen that the important factors that attract employees are related to the way businesses treat their employees. Accordingly, three factors “Fairness, respect”, “Insurances and allowances”, “Sustainable development” all are in the top 5 important factors to attract candidates.

Notably, candidates from a number of occupations such as Technology and Engineering; Service industry in general; Production and Construction, … do not put the factor “Attractive future income” into the top 5 attractive factors. Instead, these industries continue to choose other behavioral-related elements: Ethics and Integrity.

In addition, the element of “Attractive future income” is ranked by the candidates of the Administrative/Office Work industry at 4/5, and the Finance & Bussiness ranks this factor in 2/5 important position.