Hanoi, January 12, 2021 —- VietnamWorks is honored to be selected as one of the first 12 excellent Make in Viet Nam digital platforms in the program supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation. This program which is chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises will be implemented throughout the year 2021.

VietnamWorks is selected as an excellent recruitment platform to participate in the program supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation

Being one of the first 12 excellent Make in Viet Nam digital platforms to participate in this initiative, VietnamWorks, along with other platforms, will meet all the digital transformation needs of SMEs, in which enables enterprises to change their business scales and how to operate to create new values. Enterprises can use the platform to perform comprehensive digital transformation of a particular professional aspect. Five supported professional aspects include Accounting – Advertising/Marketing – Distribution – Payment and Customer Service.

Regarding recruitment, instead of the traditional process of receiving applications, VietnamWorks provides time-and-cost-saving recruitment service for enterprises. Having nearly 5 million users with their online resumes, VietnamWorks will be a bridge to help businesses approach and find suitable personnel. Artificial intelligence supports automatic analysis and evaluation; hence, the most suitable and potential candidates according to requirements of employers will be selected. Application and interview management is also faster thanks to a continuously upgraded recruitment management system.

Participating in the program, VietnamWorks announced a special support program for SMEs

  • Special pricing aimed at attracting more SMEs to use the platform.
  • Market-leading customer services with a dedicated team assisting SMEs to access the online recruiting platform with new features easily.
  • Finding the best suitable resume for SMEs’ recruitment requirements based on Machine Learning application.
  • Taking advantage of the highest number of users and monthly visitors to find suitable candidates in the shortest time.
  • Digitizing the recruitment management process in a more convenient manner from categorizing, managing profiles to contacting candidates for interviews, and making reports, etc. with few simple steps thanks to an after-post management system.

“We are honored to be selected and partner with the Vietnamese Government in the commitment to support SMEs with successful digital transformation. Together, I believe, we will create a comprehensive and systematic digital transformation, thereby not only assisting SMEs but also creating a rapid-growing and sustainable digital business environment in Vietnam market ”, said Mr. Gaku Echizenya, General Director of Navigos Group, which owns VietnamWorks.


###About VietnamWorks

In addition to Navigos Search, VietnamWorks is a brand belonging to Navigos Group Vietnam, which is the oldest and biggest recruitment service in Vietnam.

VietnamWorks.com is the oldest and leading online recruitment website in Vietnam. Within 19 years of operation, there are nearly five million resumes applying for more than 126,000 jobs on this website each year. The giant database with experienced candidates and reliable employers of VietnamWorks is a valuable asset in a competitive recruitment market in Vietnam. For more details: http://www.vietnamworks.com/

### About Navigos Group

Navigos Group has entered the 19th year of operation in Vietnam market. Up to now, VietnamWorks has always been the leading source of recruitment data in Vietnam with nearly five million users and more than 13,000 employers registered. Navigos Search is leading the middle and senior recruitment service with more than 300,000 candidate resumes in the database. Since 2013, Navigos Group Vietnam is a member of en group specializing in providing recruitment services with headquarters in Tokyo (Japan).