VietnamWorks has just published the Vietnam Salary and Job-seeker Insights report for 1H/2016. The report aggregated the offered salary levels of over 45,000 vacancies on in the first half of 2016.

  “For most of the people, the salary is one of the most important considerations when choosing a job. VietnamWorks has released the salary report of the first half of 2016 in Vietnam to provide companies and job seekers with labour market trends and pay scale by job categories, by locations and job seekers’ behavior. It will be the perfect reference for you to look for jobs that meet your expected salary. To date, it has been accessed by hundreds of businesses, professionals or even individuals. You can download the report for free here”, Mr. Gaku Echizenya – CEO of VietnamWorks said.

Overall, the majority of job positions in Vietnam pay a salary of at least 11,250,000 VND per month, taking 57% of the job posts on VietnamWorks. It’s worthy to note that 1 in 5 postions offer a very high salary level of at least 22,500,000 VND per month.

*Note: All the salaries in this press release have been exchanged from USD to VND with currency rate 22,500 VND/USD*

Average salary by job level

In terms of job level, the most common salary range for fresh graduates and Experienced level is 5,647,500 VND-11,250,000 VND, for Manager is 22,522,500 VND-45,000,000 VND and Director/CEO and higher is over 67,500,000 VND. The report shows that there is less significant difference from entry-level to experienced employee; however, the salary is increasing remarkably from Manager position. The chart below represents the average salary rate in every level – expressed as the minimum salary and the maximum salary of the most common salary.

While the majority of fresh graduates struggle to look for jobs and settle with a humble salary, there are several companies willing to offer high salary to inexperienced professionals. According VietnamWorks’ data, 21% of entry-level job positions offer a monthly salary in the range of 15,772,500 VND – 22,500,000 VND. Therefore, it is still possible for fresh graduates or inexperienced professionals with outstanding skills to receive above 15 million VND per month in salary                                    

IT jobs offer the most competitive salaries

The report shows that there is a significant difference in salary among different job categories. While the most common salary range of many popular categories such as Accounting, Administration, Product, Marketing or Sales is 5,647,500 VND to 11,250,000 VND, IT jobs’ most common salary range from 15,772,500 VND to 22,500,000 VND and 22,500,000 VND to 45,000,000 VND. In specific, 73% of all IT jobs offer a salary of at least 15,772,500 VND in order to attract the candidates.

The development of technology and internet in recent years has increased the demand for IT professionals, while the workforce in Vietnam has not caught up to fill the demand yet. The gap between demand and supply is the key factor that pushed up the salary for IT jobs.

Nearly no disparity among local areas

Many people assumed big cities are the place to earn a good salary. In fact, the average figure of offered salary by location shows that in many cities like Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City, the salary for professional jobs is not that much higher than cities like Da Nang, Binh Duong and Bac Ninh. In specific, the difference is only around 1,600,000 VND to 2,100,000 VND. If we take into account the cost of living in big cities, this disparity is not significant.