Ho Chi Minh city, 06 March 2017 – VietnamWorks, a job board recruitment website, member of Navigos Group Vietnam, published the 2017 Report of Salary, Benefits and Skills of IT industry in Vietnam.

Information provided in the report is based on the data set collected from IT jobs posted on VietnamWorks during the past years and a survey conducted among 2,400 of IT professionals and 70 companies in Vietnam. It’s opened for downloading, via this link: http://bit.ly/topITworks-SalaryReport-2017

This kind of report will be conducted annually starting from this year, with the purpose of providing a tool for supporting those who work in information technology sector in Vietnam. Through the latest information about employment needs, connections to the best employers, skills trends prediction, the publisher is aiming to help IT talent in Vietnam develop multi-dimensional skills, catch up and accelerate career in tech together with international programmers.

Job demand in IT industry is higher than ever and will continue growing over the next years

In about three years, the number of IT jobs posted has doubled. 6,792 is the number of IT jobs posted on VietnamWorks in 2013, and it’s reached 14,997 on this channel during 2016. Vietnam ranks as one of the most affordable countries for IT outsourcing services. 15 years ago, the IT industry was mostly dominated by big outsourcing companies, currently the trend is moving to quality IT services with more product development companies setting up their development centers in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh continues to be the biggest tech hub in town with 53% jobs posted, Ha Noi tech scene is growing as competition with 43% in 2016.

Programmers in Vietnam can get a salary above $2,000 per month

Based on the data set collected from VietnamWorks site in 2016, and the results surveyed from IT jobseekers in Vietnam, a software engineer can earn $1,300 to $2,000 or more per month, if having experience on latest technologies. Objective-C is the skill best paid.

81% of employers who participated in the survey have planned for performance assessment and salary review in 2017, the increasing will be from 6-20% this year.

Benefits for IT professionals is getting more attractive and diversity

Given the high competition in the IT market, benefits are becoming an important factor to attract and retain the best IT professionals. IT professionals feel cared and appreciated when getting relevant benefits from their employers. Employee Benefit programs focus on motivation and recognition. Companies are providing an office spaces to make employees feeling like at “home” as well as career opportunities and bonuses. Even in some of foreign IT companies, benefits for employees is much more diversity: career growth with training and business travel to USA, Europe, Japan and Australia, thirteenth or fourteenth month salary,  attractive bonus, stock sharing, open modern working space and flexible hours with more work-life balance.

According the survey of VietnamWorks, 40% is the number of IT professionals who would consider changing jobs if a better salary & benefits are on offer. Retaining and engaging tech professionals are becoming a big challenge for employers.

The most valuable certifications for IT candidates

IT certifications are considered a standard for candidate assessment. Employers recognize the value of certification and they are supportive in covering some costs. Project Management, Agile, Cisco, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are the top certifications valued by employers. 54% of the IT companies are willing to pay higher salaries to professionals who hold relevant IT certifications.

Most of the companies  have interesting policies to support their employees getting certifications that are job relevant. According to the survey, IT professionals are supported by their company on the training costs for English, IT skills, leadership and project management skills. On the other hand, 79% of survey participants shared that they’re learning new skills by themselves through online documents.

Recruitment trends in IT industry in 2017

This report reveals the list of top 5 programming skills that best fit with the recruitment needs in 2017, the list including JavaScript, PHP, C#, HTML5 and Java. In particular, the demand of JavaScript and frameworks related to JavaScript will increase during 2017, more than 50% of companies surveyed have saved it in their recruitment plan for this year. Additionally, IT professionals who have knowledge and hands on AngularJS (an open web framework depends on JavaScript), Native Mobile Platforms skills will be approached the most by IT employers this year.

During 2017, some relevant skills in worldwide technologies trending will have an impact to IT market in Vietnam. Cloud computing, network securities, Big Data, IoT and Docker are now in high demand, getting to know these trends is key to keep up with what’s actually going on.

On behalf of the publisher, Mr. Eduardo Mora, Head of Product and Engineering at VietnamWorks, said: “This year we have worked with hundreds of IT Companies and met thousands of IT professionals to better understand their needs and expectations.  Our mission  through this report is providing insights to tech professionals in Vietnam to help them understand what sort of Salaries, Benefits and Skills are relevant in current IT job market. Today’s IT scene in Vietnam is one of the most exciting and dynamic battle in the world. Let’s make it great!”

Sharing testimonials about the report, Mr. Vinh Nguyen, Technical Director of PYCO Group said: “This report presents the perspective that very useful for programmers in Vietnam, through the statistics data and prediction about the trend of 2017: full-stack developer (Javascript-based development such as NodeJS, React), some technology related to Big Data (machine learning, Internet of Things), and Devops (opportunities for programmers with knowledge of software deployment and operation).”

Ms. Phuong Nguyen, Recruitment Manager at KMS technology also shared her thoughts: “The report published by topITworks helps IT professionals have more information on the technology trends and recruitment needs of the companies. On the business side, this report helps employers capture candidates’ expectations, to execute more people-oriented adjustments in benefits to attract right talent for the company.”