Tech Expo 2017 with the theme “Tomorrow Land” has just wrapped up with the participation of 37 sponsored employers and more than 1.500 job seekers in IT sector. According to VietnamWorks and TopItworks, every recruitment booth got from 100 – 200 applied CVs.

Compare to last year; Tech Expo 2017 was reviewed much more dynamic; candidates were proactive in job seeking instead of looking around. During the event, many employers proceeded scan profiles and arrange interview appointment directly within the event day; they also assure to deliver a standard interview process. At many recruitment booths, Human Resource Directors and Directors also participated in interviewing candidates if needed.

KMS Company, one of leading outsourcing company in Vietnam, registered a huge place at the event with more than 10 HR recruitment staffs who received the candidate’s CVs and described the jobs’ requirement. Ms. Phuong Le, Recruitment Manager of KMS shared the hiring situation at her company “These years; our company always misses recruitment target at all level even the fresher. The explanation for our recruitment situation is the shortage of qualified candidates; job seekers could not meet our requirement in term of professional skills; our company has to spend 2 months for training those candidates. Besides, young employees are still short of career orientation and engagement which caused challenges in hiring at KMS.” Based on our observation, KMS tried to shorten the interview process into 2 rounds and proceeded directly at the event, KMS expected to recruit the potential candidates who meet its requirements and have the ability to join the company promptly.

Also at the event, there was the representative of various Japanese companies, including Japanese companies sought for candidates in Vietnam as well as recruitment service companies looked for candidates who will work in Japan. Mr. Yoshiki Matsubara, Chief Sales Officer of Igs Asia, shared about his business’s hiring situation and recommendation for those who want to work in Japan: “Due to the scarcity of Japanese speakers, we targeted in English speakers as well. Candidates will be trained in Japanese language then based on company’s long-term purpose. The candidate who has Japanese skill will get 5% higher in salary. For the candidates who want to work in Japan, besides specialized knowledge, they need to improve their global mindset, solution orientation, teamwork ability, especially passionate about learning Japanese culture.”

At the Tech Expo 2017, the topic “How to get 5.000 USD IT job” have been raised within the panel discussion and got impressive attention. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai, Managing Director of Navigos Search discussed the obstacles which impact to IT employee’s salary “ IT candidate is always demanding in benefit before contributing to the company, this attitude led to the concern in paying the high salary. Besides the specialized knowledge and skills, employers also pay attention in candidate’s attitude. Building the personal image is overriding importance since the employers could check the candidate’s behavior even on social platforms. Therefore, let show up your personal image consistently from reality to online channels; also bear in mind that you should contribute to the company before demanding more benefit for you.” According to the Navigos Search, there was a recruitment case which paid 7.000 USD for a senior position, however, this candidate had to pass 15 interview rounds included specialized knowledge, skills, personal testing, IQ, etc.


There are pay gaps among application groups, programming languages and scopes of work

The Saas programming application group ranks the first in payroll, up to 50% of survey participants have experience in this application area. The second-highest-paid is Embedded System group, but only 15% of participants have related experience. 67% of the interviewed are web programmers; nevertheless, the payroll for this team comes the second bottom up, only higher than game developers.

The survey shows that candidates with C++ programming skills have the highest salary compared to other skills, they receive about 10% higher than ones with Java programming skills. Java skills get the second highest salary, following by HTML / CSS / JS, .NET, PHP respectively. Among these teams, there is not much difference in salary, only about 2-3%.

According to the survey conducted by VietnamWorks and topITworks, the salary increase rate is based on different positions as follows: Project management is 30% higher than Team Leader; Team leader is 31% higher than Programmer, and Programmer is 5% higher than Product Testing. However, according to our records, the company still ranked salary based on experience more than position; therefore, it does not mean that when you move up to the higher position, your salary will rise suddenly as above.

 To increase salary dramatically, IT specialists need to learn foreign language

The survey also indicates that language is the key factor that helps IT specialists get high salary. However, language ability is one of the limitations of the IT candidates. According to our records, applicants with advanced Japanese language – level N1 earn about 40% higher than those with level N5, but only 1% of the participants holding the N1 certificate. Highly-qualified English candidates are paid 48% higher than the ones with basic English communication, though only 22% of respondents said they have advanced English skills.

“Good working environment” is one of the main reasons why IT specialists are willing to work

There are 47% of respondents saying they intend to leave their companies within the next six months, 40% says they are satisfied with the job, 30% are hesitant to determine, and 26% of the interviewed says they are not pleased with the current job.

When they were asked about which factor would make them feel more comfortable at work, 30% says when the working environment is improved, 25% wants to balance work and life better, and 21% believes that the salary increase will determine their level of satisfaction.