¼ of enterprises where candidates are now working for already have a plan for AI or Blockchain in the next 3 years

From the answers of Tech candidates, there are 3 new technologies that are the most popular at this time, which are Cloud Computing, Big Data, software for automated conversion. Some innovative technologies like AI or Blockchain have been used by a part of enterprises although not a lot. There are 9% participants said that their companies have already applied Blockchain and in terms of AI, it was 19%.

On the other side, there has a hopeful sign when nearly 66% answers that their companies cared about AI and Blockchain; more than ¼ enterprises have plans for AI or Blockchain in the next 3 years.

Applying AI to Big Data and Blockchain to Bank – Finance has been assessed to be the most potential development

Almost all participants believed in the future development of AI & Blockchain. 86% of them have shown perspective about the potential of new technologies and their understanding about the advantages of AI & Blockchain.

Top 3 opinions rated when they were being asked about the most clearly advantages of AI in Vietnam in the next 5-10 years are: Combine AI and Big Data to analyze data and give human better solutions (39%); Creates smart machines which help present industry convert into full automation (24%); Creates smart robots which will help human doing dangerous tasks in the future (9%).

Regarding Blockchain, top 3 advantages that are believed to show powerful influences in 5-10 years ahead are: Transfer money anywhere, much more quick and secure by applying Blockchain in Banking & Finance (22%); Create apps that help to verify the quality of products, the contracting and payment process (18%); Bring Blockchain into the operation of big companies, into the technology ecosystem or working process in order to raise authentication and trustiness (13%).

Lacking of language proficiency is a limitation of Tech staff

Our survey has indicated top 5 technologies that Tech staff intend to learn in the near future are (following the order): AI; Blockchain; Date Science; Machine learning – deep learning; Internet Security.

Otherwise, they faced some obstacles on their education, specifically top 3 as listed: No opportunity to translate theory into practice; No professional training school; Have to learn from foreign websites without language ability.

Our survey has pointed out the biggest problem right now of Tech staff is the lack of fluency in English’s language skills. Up to 84% candidates owned Bachelor/ Master/ Doctor certificate and also half of them held upper Supervisor positions also. But only 27% candidates were fluent in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, among them 41% can read and comprehend, 27% can communicate.

Tech staff tend to become Specialists more than Supervisors

When being asked to imagine about “The portrait of a person working in Tech in Vietnam in this 4.0 era”, the candidates have given 3 necessary factors, which are: Uphold strong points, overcome weaknesses of the technology; Eager to learn and adapt quickly to continuous changes of technology; Regularly update new technological knowledge and apply effectively to work.

Due to the fact that more candidates wanted to become a specialist rather than a supervisor/ manager, as a result, they further focused on specialized skills and knowledge than soft skills or leadership skills.

82% of whom took part in the survey have intention to start-up and more than half will consider relocation of they have an opportunity

Up to 82% Tech staff wish to start a start-up in the future, among them, there was 41% who had start-up at least one time and 58% who have never built any start-up. Top 3 fields which most of the candidates will choose when they start-up are, respectively: AI; Automated products; Blockchain.

Besides, over half of the candidates answered sure to move if they are being offered the opportunity to go abroad and work for Blockchain/ AI start-up company. Among them, 25% will relocate several years and then come back to Vietnam, 22% will take into account leaving or not.

From Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group said: “international companies are assessed to be quickly update new technologies, hence Vietnamese companies should speed up in technological races to write the name of Vietnam on technological maps. Besides, we should build more playgrounds for Tech Community for exchanging, learning, practicing new technologies. To lessen the danger of Tech brain drain, we should also focus on Talent retention policy, create good conditions for innovating products and chances to contact with new technologies.”

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