Ho Chi Minh City, January 19th, 2022 — Navigos Group, Vietnam’s leading recruitment service provider, which has owned the online job-searching website VietnamWorks, the middle and senior personnel recruitment company Navigos Search, today publishes the information about the recruitment demand for middle and senior personnel in Vietnam’s market via the recruitment demands of Navigos Search’s clients in Q4/2021 and forecasts the recruitment trends in Q1/2022.

Businesses in the FMCG industry apply bonus policies to retain or attract talent

FMCG businesses have experienced a tumultuous year due to the impact of Covid-19. Recruitment activities are frozen because businesses have to save costs to ensure business results are maintained. This is also the time when candidates consider most about changing jobs due to fear of losing year-end bonuses. Grasping this matter, multinational companies have applied bonus policies to retain employees or to attract talents. For the key personnel of business, they will have their own retention bonus policy. For the good personnel that the enterprise wants to recruit, they also apply a “Sign-in bonus” policy to attract talents. This bonus will help candidates when moving to a new company without the bonus they were supposed to receive, they will be paid by the new company.

In Q1, recruitment in this field will flourish again as businesses begin to use new budgets. For candidates, they are also ready for new career opportunities if they find a job that is consistent with their orientation as well as with highly competitive welfare policies.

The Financial – Banking enterprises are recruiting a large number of positions in information technology (IT) and Sales

As observed by Navigos Search, the recruitment requests in the fourth quarter of businesses in the Financial – Banking sector decreased compared to the previous two quarters because Banking as well as Financial companies tend to focus on making plans for the new year. From the end of the fourth quarter, a large number of recruitment projects look for positions such as Information Technology (IT) in financial service consulting companies and Sales positions from insurance companies and banks, serving for business expansion and development in 2022. The forecast signals in 2022 show that large-scale recruitment demand in the Banking sector will continue to increase. Some Banking and Securities companies are also looking for senior personnel for key positions leading the new business strategy.

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) is still an exciting industry in the recruitment market

ICT is an industry that has not been affected much by Covid, thus this industry is still vibrant recruitment demand. Appearing in the market are companies in the IT sector investing in Vietnam through the opening of representative offices or the establishment of Research and Development (R&D) centers for technology. In the fourth quarter, as observed by Navigos Search, businesses have a lot of demand to recruit good personnel in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Big Data – Crypto and Blockchain. However, the supply of human resources for these fields is not abundant, leading to competition among enterprises who are in need of recruitment in this industry. In addition to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, businesses in the IT sector also open offices in Da Nang.

The electronics and semiconductor companies are forecast to have high recruitment demand

According to Navigos Search’s observations, in the Electronics industry, there are many new outsourcing factory projects from China, leading to an increase in the demand for human resources who are good at Chinese.

However, due to the factory’s location in the remote Northern region, enterprises find it difficult to recruit personnel with high professional quality and fluent in Chinese.

Besides, with the trend of converting gasoline vehicles to using electric ones all over the world, many EV (Electric Vehicle) battery plants are currently implemented. In Vietnam, Vingroup is deploying the VINES EV battery plan. This project also welcomes a lot of senior personnel who are experts of the battery industry to Vietnam.

As forecast in 2022 and the following years, recruitment demand in Electronic and EV Battery industries will be vibrant.

The thermal power companies recruitment is expected to deeply decrease in the first quarter of 2022.

The energy recruitment market did not record many changes in the fourth quarter of 2021. Due to the heavy impact of Covid 19 on the energy industry, especially in the field of wind power, many projects are behind schedule due to the failure of partners to hand over equipment as well as social distancing, causing the construction progress of many projects to be significantly delayed. This directly affects many investors as well as the recruitment plans of businesses. The Solar power segment also did not record the same recruitment demand as before. The recruitment of thermal power projects is still proceeding as planned, but the recruitment rate shows signs of slowing down. The recruitment spotlight in the energy industry is concentrated in some oil and gas projects for candidates having experience and good English ability.

It is forecasted that in the first quarter of 2022, the recruitment demand for the energy segment will not change much compared to the end of 2021. Recruitment demand tends to decrease compared to the same period last year, in which the number of recruitments in the thermal electricity industry continued to fall deeply.

Industrial Real Estate and Leisure personnel will increase sharply in the first 6 months of 2022

The draft Real Estate Law, if approved by the National Assembly, will create conditions for many new real estate projects and therefore the recruitment demand in this industry will also increase. Besides, the wave of moving Industrial Real Estate to Vietnam as well as mergers and acquisitions activities in this field has increased, leading to a forecast that the recruitment demand for this industry will increase, especially for mid-level and senior personnel. Positions in need of recruitment focus mainly include positions in Project Development, Sales and Marketing Management, Design Manager, Project Legal, Investment Legal, Planning and Development Strategy.

Candidates in this industry are relatively available, so the recruitment between customers and candidates is convenient. In addition, Vietnamese candidates completely meet the requirements of employers. In case foreign candidates recruitment are required, candidates from Europe will be favored by businesses, besides are candidates from Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Due to the high rate of vaccine coverage, businesses will continue to focus on business development and recruitment demand. It is expected that after the Lunar New Year holiday, the recruitment market will roar in early March 2022.

General recruitment information in Manufacturing Industry

Foreign investors are interested in recruiting workers in large numbers. This leads to the factory located decision, especially for industries that have workers recruitment demand.

Besides, many foreign investors decide to invest in new factories in Vietnam entirely through online information. Through the contribution of investment support agencies of Embassies, easy access to information from industrial real estate development partners and consulting organizations making decision quickly. According to these FDI investors, Vietnam is a convenient destination due to its location in the supply chain of Asia, convenient in transportation, near China where many of their partners are located, with good infrastructure, political stability and reasonable labor costs… are the reasons why Vietnam is chosen.

In the manufacturing companies, multinational corporations have looked for senior positions held by Vietnamese candidates such as Asia Pacific Regional Manager or Southeast Asia Regional Manager. This shows the better capacity of Vietnamese candidates to be able to take over regional positions.


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