Navigos Group, Vietnam’s leading recruitment service provider, which has owned the online job-searching website VietnamWorks, the middle and senior personnel recruitment company Navigos Search, today publishes the information about the recruitment demand for middle and senior personnel in Vietnam’s market via the recruitment demands of Navigos Search’s clients in the third quarter of 2021 and forecasts the recruitment trends in Q4/2021 and in the early 2022.

70% of Electrical – Electronic industry, Mechanical industry and Wooden Furniture industry recruitment demand in the South of Vietnam are reduced due to the temporary closure of the factories

Due to the latest outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, businesses in the Electrical – Electronic, Mechanical and Furniture Manufacturing industry faced many difficulties. Implementing the 3T policy is the obligatory but costly way to maintain the business. Therefore, many companies have chosen the temporary closure instead and decided to reopen when the epidemic is under control. For other companies, to keep their business open, they must focus their resources on applying the 3T policy, thus lack concentration on recruitment activities. According to Navigos Search observation, companies in these segments have reduced their recruitment demand by 70% compared to the same period in the third quarter of 2020. Forecast in the next 6 months says, if the epidemic is under control, the Electrical – Electronic industries can recover, but at a slow speed because the production orders of the fourth quarter of 2021 have been shifted to other countries.

Energy companies continue to record a decrease in recruitment demand in the fourth quarter of 2021

Under the impact of Covid-19, many factories and businesses in the Energy industry have to temporarily close, leading to a decrease in energy demand. Having to cut power generation capacity to the grid from 50% to 70% makes it difficult for businesses in this sector.

Navigos Search recorded a decrease in recruitment demand and salary for positions in the Energy industry over the past time. Because of the lower salary range, although having personnel needs, companies cannot recruit suitable candidates even when the recruitment requirement has been reduced. Recruiting foreign candidates also faces many difficulties, so businesses tend to consider recruiting candidates currently in Vietnam or transferring personnel from the same group but working in other countries back to Vietnam other than recruiting new external candidates.

It is expected that the Energy industry will continue to record a decrease in recruitment demand in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Many Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Retail enterprises postpone or stop hiring in Q4/2021

There are company clients in the Consumer Goods and Retail industries who have postponed or stopped hiring and have no recruitment plan for Q4/2021. The main reason for the interruption or low-level production activities is to focus on COVID prevention. To ensure safety, candidates in this field are not open to new job opportunities. Therefore, the market witnesses a shortage of potential candidates for the positions in need.

In the fourth quarter, businesses in the Retail industry will gradually reopen, the recruitment demand is forecasted to increase slightly in early 2022. Companies in the Commercial Consumer goods industry are still recruiting, however, the forecast in the fourth quarter expects the recruitment demand may decrease slightly compared to the third quarter.

Textile and Garment manufacturers and companies in the North of Vietnam still maintain good production.

Suffering less from the pandemic than in the South, most of the textile and garment enterprises in the North are still maintaining good production at present. Manufacturers also receive more orders from other regions in Asia as the pandemic in these regions has not yet been controlled well. Therefore, large and reputable textile and garment enterprises are doing very well with current orders. Some companies have received orders until April 2022 and still need to recruit more workers. Some companies say their profits have even doubled as before.

The hiring forecast to increase due to increased orders from some businesses, but not too much. In addition, in companies with recruitment plans, the majority of new personnel recruited will be to replace missing positions and have qualified personnel for high-skills and techniques-required positions.

Banking companies’ race towards digital transformation leads to an increase in high-quality personnel recruitment demand.

Digital transformation and technology development is a new and important trend observed in the financial – banking sector in recent years. Not only large-scale banks, smaller banks and some securities companies have also planned and invested in the transformation, establishing Project/Conversion Units in their companies. Accordingly, the demand for personnel at all levels for the positions of Information Technology, Digital Transformation continues to increase, especially the positions in application development, technology development, transformation management, data analytics, digital marketing and business. Navigos Search’s forecast shows that demand for the above-mentioned high-quality human resources in this digital transformation race is still rising for banks, companies with sustainable resources and strategies.

Many big enterprises in the electronics industry continue to invest or expand production in Vietnam

The market witnessed a constant investment and production expansion of many large electronics enterprises in Vietnam. They invest in grand projects, including the project to build large research centers (Research & Development – R&D) in Vietnam. Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Thanh Hoa and Da Nang continue to become the localities receiving huge investments from these FDI projects.

Several businesses in the North in this segment, due to effective Covid-19 prevention plans, still maintained good production activities, even with a slight growth as they have received back many orders from other branches that are affected by Covid. Besides, the market also observed a large recruitment demand for candidates that can speak Chinese due to the shift of businesses from China to Vietnam.


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