Navigos Group is a leading recruitment agency in Vietnam, which owns VietnamWorks – an online job search website and Navigos Search – a middle and senior recruitment company. Today, Navigos Group publishes information about the recruitment demand for mid- and high- ranking employees in the Vietnam market based on the recruitment demands of Navigos Search’s clients in the second quarter of 2021 and forecasts the recruiting trends in the second half of the year. 

Based on Navigos Search’s observations, in Q2 2021, a wide range of enterprises  have delayed hiring new employees or hired only a few under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, high recruiting demands are still witnessed in industries such as banking, securities and IT.

The Electronics, Mechanical and Furniture industries in the Southern part of Vietnam will see a limitation on recruitment in the next 6 months

Due to the complicated situation of the pandemic in European countries as well as in the United States recently, there has been a decrease in demand for goods in these nations. This leads to difficulties in exporting wooden products from Vietnam to the aforementioned places. This situation continues to come under the influence of the pandemic happening in Vietnam, causing products to be produced at an indifferent rate level and enterprises in the industry to not recruit any new employees in the next 3 or 6 months, at the very least. Posted job vacancies are for mid-level managers, including Factory Managers, Senior Engineer and Supervisors.

Hiring in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries are expected to fall in the upcoming time.

Clients in the Medical Equipment industry are expressing that the number of their staffs will remain the same. Multinational companies also show signs of suspending business expansion due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Several firms are downsizing and restructuring their business models while not hiring new employees.

Recruiting only Vietnamese candidates is a feature of this industry. For managerial positions, even senior managerial positions, a great deal of enterprises require candidates to be born in the 1980s and 1990s. In the third quarter of this year, firms in this industry continue to recruit employees to work in Marketing and Sales positions.

Q3 is predicted to be continuing as the peak hiring period in the Banking – Insurance – Securities industries

The active state of the stock industry, announcements of “huge” profits and decisions to increase charter capital of a series of commercial banks are witnessed in the second quarter of the year. This can signal trends for expanding the business in both banks and stock companies.

In contrast to “leveling off” of some manufacturing industries, employees working in Sales (Relation Managers) and IT (who serve the purposes of system development and digital transformation) are in great demand in the banking, securities, and insurance industries. Demand for recruiting mid- to high- ranking personnel continues to be on the rise with the focus on those who work in technology, data, development of sales teams (Branch Managers and Regional Directors).

Besides, there is still a need for recruiting experienced candidates from big foreign companies in new sectors such as Big Data, Design, Marketing and Digital Transformation. Vietnamese commercial banks are interested in hiring overseas Vietnamese or professionals coming from Asia – Pacific region for these sectors. Foreign non-life insurance companies and Korean banks continue to maintain their recruitment demand for applicants who are Japanese or Korean.

Enterprises in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods work at an indifferent rate because they focus on combating the pandemic, leading to a delay or cancellation in recruitment.

While the commercial sector in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods is still in need of a fairly large number of employees working in positions such as Sales, Marketing and Finance – Accounting, the production sector operates at a low capacity to focus on combating the pandemic.

This has a considerable impact on enterprises’ recruitment activities. A large number of applicants are in the interview round with customers, and their interviews for the next round are postponed or even cancelled. Besides, candidates in this sector will not prioritize changing their jobs, at least till the end of this year for safety reasons. Therefore, there are positions for which firms have high demand, yet the supply of candidates is very limited.

The commercial sector is predicted to continue hiring employees, but hiring in the production sector will come to a standstill or there will be few employees recruited in the second half of the year.

The Agricultural sector is in need of employees who are well qualified and good at English

Employees are still hired in this sector in the North of Vietnam, but only positions requiring extremely qualified candidates are focused on. Vietnamese applicants in the agriculture sector are usually not good at English. Therefore, big companies tend to hire foreigners as senior managers for the livestock and poultry sector. Thai, Indonesian and Brazilian applicants usually have the reputation for their knowledge, professional competence and management capacity.

The semiconductor industry is expected to be the one with high recruitment demand and high potential in the next 5 years, at the very least.

The semiconductor industry is currently attracting a lot of attention and investment from foreign enterprises. A big American company, which has done its business in Vietnam, has recently received an Amended Investment Registration Certificate with a further US$475 million invested to build a state-of-the-art chip assembly and test manufacturing facility in Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP).

In addition, another foreign company has also been approved to convert from a high-tech enterprise to an export processing one. This contributes to creating a favorable condition for firms in supporting industries in the supply chain of this foreign group, especially those in the semiconductor sector, to gain better surplus value.

Currently, firms in the semiconductor industry are planning to hire engineers who are experienced and knowledgeable about this sector.

The semiconductor industry is expected to be the one with high recruitment demand and high potential in the following 5 years, at the very least.

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Along with VietnamWorks, the biggest and oldest recruitment website, Navigos Search is a leading company providing middle and senior recruitment services.

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Along with VietnamWorks, the oldest and biggest recruitment website in Vietnam, Navigos Search is a leading company in providing middle and senior recruitment services. Both are owned by Navigos Group. Navigos Group is about to celebrate its 19th anniversary in Vietnam market. Up to now, VietnamWorks has always been the leading source of recruitment data in Vietnam with nearly five million users and more than 15,000 employers registered. Navigos Search is leading the middle and senior recruitment service with more than 300,000 candidate resumes in the database. Since 2013, Navigos Group Vietnam is a member of en group specializing in providing recruitment services with headquarters in Tokyo (Japan).