Hanoi, April 10, 2017—- Navigos Search, the leading provider of executive search service in Vietnam, member of Navigos Group, today has released a report on recruitment demands for senior and mid-level managers in Vietnam market through recruitment requests submitted by clients to us in Quarter 1/2017. The report includes some recruitment highlights recruitment trends in 2017.

Recruitment demands for middle and senior-level managers continuously increased.

Recruitment demands for middle and senior-level by our clients continuously increased. In Quarter 1/ 2017, recruitment demands in this segment increased 73% compared to the same period in 2016.

Top 5 job categories in term of recruitment demands for this segment were Manufacturing – IT – Consumer Goods & Retails – Banking and Finance and Business Service. For the first time, the Business Service industry enumerated in this top 5 list. The highest demand jobs in this industry were Financial Advisory, Management Advisory, Promotion- Advertising and Education.

In the Manufacturing industry, Industrial construction and Civil construction categories occupied largest portions, following by Electricity and Electronics. In Consumer Goods industry, the highest demand came from Food & Beverage and Fashion & Cosmetic categories.



In a high demand of IT employees who have full working proficiency in English, employers change their recruitment process.

In IT industry, the recruitment demand on developers and engineers in embedded software significant increased. In many companies, the demand had doubled compared to last year. However, there is a fact that the supply of qualified and experienced developers and IT engineers in Vietnam had not have enough, the most difficulty had been limited ability in English of this segment.

Many companies have to change their recruitment process due to high demand of employees who have full working proficiency in English. Formerly, companies put the technical skills on priority, however, they changed the process to test English ability firstly to eliminate the incompetent candidates. They accepted to have extensional training on technical skills. Many employers in mobile application industry, when installing the Research and Development center in Vietnam, were ready to train the potential employees on new technologies, their prerequisite was English ability. However, this issue is always a challenge for international companies who want to invest in Vietnam market.

Several worldwide famous fashion brands are recruiting Vietnamese.

Until now, several worldwide famous fashion brands had the legal business certificates in Vietnam. Therefore, these brands, by the support of recruitment agencies such as Navigos Search, are hiring employees. The “hot” positions were related to Marketing, Sales, Human Resource and Administration… Not as before, the local distributors who worked with these brands had handled the recruitment, now, when officially running business in Vietnam, these brands recruit talents by themselves. “Their recruitment demands increase because they have to follow the global head office’s policies”, a senior consultant in this industry of Navigos Search shared.

In Quarter 1/2017, the salary in Real estate was highest.

According to Navigos Search’s statistics, in Quarter 1/2017, the highest salary belonged to a senior-level management position in Real estate with about 240 million VND per month. Also in this quarter, the middle and senior-level managers in various domains, such as manufacturing, trading, consumer goods, had salaries in the range from 100 million to 180 million VND.