Ho Chi Minh City, 28 April 2020 —- Navigos Search, the middle and high-level personnel recruiting consulting firm in Vietnam, today announced information about the “Career Support” campaign for Vietnamese labor during the COVID-19 epidemic. The campaign is an activity of Navigos Search to support workers who are having difficulty finding new jobs in the context of recruitment needs in many industries affected by the pandemic.

Support candidates affected by the COVID-19 epidemic to find new jobs

The “Career Support” campaign was launched by Navigos Search on April 22, 2020 and is expected to last until 31 May, 2020, to provide the fastest support for all Vietnamese labor who have difficulty finding job opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. Applicants must provide personal information, industry, field, department, current employee level and desired position in the future. From the above information, Navigos Search will link this information to the most suitable vacancies available from customer data with diverse industries and fields in Vietnam.

The connecting process will be conducted following the standard recruitment process of Navigos Search to ensure that candidates find the right position and businesses find the right talent. After applying for the campaign, the recruitment consultant will screen the application, match the resume with a suitable vacancy, preliminary interview via phone, or online tool to learn more about the candidate’s expectation and assess the suitability. After determining a suitable position, the consultant will send the suitable candidates’ information to the customers, arrange interviews, and support candidate and employer step by step until the position is closed. For all candidates who are not yet suitable, the records will be stored in the data system and continuously matched when there are other suitable positions.

The candidate group with more than 8 years of experience accounts for the highest proportion when seeking new opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic

After the first week of test running, the campaign has received registration from more than 1200 candidates in a variety of industries and fields in Vietnam. Nearly half of the registration documents are for middle-level candidates, 27% of whom are currently in charge of Vice Manager/Manager, and 19% are Team Leader/Supervisor. In addition, 35% of the records were from Executive/Specialist staff, 9% from Entry Level, 5% for Vice Director/Director and 3% for C-level.

Notably, 41% of respondents have more than 8 years of experience showed that mid-level candidates with many years of experience are having difficulty finding new opportunities, specifically, 32% of candidates have more than 10 years of experience and 9% have 8-10 years of experience. In addition, 25% of candidates with 1-3 years’ experience, 18% with 3-5 years of experience, and 16% are candidates with 5 to 8 years of experience.

According to the preliminary data above, the top 3 industries that are currently seeking job opportunities are 26% for Manufacturing (including 6% for Textile and Apparel, accounting for the highest proportion besides Manufacturing Electric/Electronics, Machinery, Construction, …); 10% for Tourism/Hotel/Restaurant, 6% for Financial Services/Insurance. This is also the top of the industries that have decreased recruitment demand in Q1/2020 according to the Navigos Search Report1, but it is forecasted that there is an increase in labor supply and the recruitment demand will increase sharply after the pandemic.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai, Managing Director of Navigos Search, shared about the picture of the post-pandemic employment market: “At present when Vietnam has shown the ability to control the spread of the disease and start to loosen strict social distancing measures, recruitment needs have also made positive changes. Some businesses have boosted recruitment activities to quickly recover production and business. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains, making businesses realize the urgency of diversifying their supply and production categories, avoiding being dependent on one country; this continues to reinforce the wave of shifting investment and production to Southeast Asian countries where the most attractive place is Vietnam. This is a positive sign for the recruiting needs in Vietnam in the near future, for example in the Textile Manufacturing, Auxiliary, Electrical/Electronics, etc. Therefore, to reinforce the prospect of Vietnam becoming a destination of global investment, the Vietnamese labor market must have timely preparations for both quality and quantity to continuously improve production capacity, competitiveness, and ready to take on new opportunities after the pandemic.”

Sharing about the “Career Support” campaign, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai said: “As the professional recruitment consultant firm in Vietnam during the past 18 years, we understand many candidates may have difficulty finding a new opportunity at this time. Therefore, this campaign is our commitment to candidates and businesses to work together to overcome the challenges of the pandemic. The campaign is currently widely shared by Navigos Search’s nationwide network of employees to connect with the maximum number of candidates and businesses. We hope that through this campaign, candidates will find a new destination for their careers and Navigos Search can bring “Success after Joining” for both employees and businesses, as well as contribute to the development of Vietnam’s labor market.”


Duration: from 22 Apr 2020 and expected to last until 31 May 2020

How to apply:

· Candidates provide basic information about the industry, the field, the current position, the desired position and the latest CV here.

· The recruitment consultant at Navigos Search will match the suitable profiles to the available positions from customers, then conduct a standard recruitment process from preliminary interviews to interviews with customers and other steps to close vacancies. Unfit resumes will be stored in the Navigos Search database and continue to be matched when there are more suitable vacancies.

For more information

· Register for the campaign: https://bitly.com.vn/amCzB

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