Ha Noi, 11th May 2017 – Navigos Search, the leading provider of executive search service in Vietnam, a member of Navigos Group, was honorably invited by Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to join and present in a meeting “Future of work and labor market implications”. The meeting is within APEC meeting series of senior officials named “High-level policy dialogue on Human Resource development in the digital age” on May 11th in Hanoi. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai, Managing Director of Navigos Search, participates and gives a speech on the topic “The ICT market in the digital age – OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES”.

In the presentation, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai mentions the Labor market with opportunities and challenges. According to the reports on Labor market conducted by Navigos Search and Vietnamworks, members of Navigos Group, the salary race in Vietnam Labor market, especially in the senior level segment, has happened in many industries, including manufacturing, banking & financial services, consumer goods, real estate and IT.

One of the most important requirements of employers is the good English skill. It can be said that in IT industry, the human resources cannot meet the demands in both quantity and quality. The market is not only lack of quantity but also of qualified employees with professional skill and language ability. According to the latest report from Navigos Search, due to the lack of IT engineers who are good at English, many foreign companies have to change their recruitment process, prioritizing the engineers with good English skill over professional skills.

Besides, when joining the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the “brain drain” phenomenon was on an increasing trend in the senior level talent pool. There are more and more excellent candidates in IT, accounting/auditing that have good opportunities in other countries in the region.

Ms. Phuong Mai put forward several recommendations for government, for instance, policies to support employers with training strategy and guidelines for AEC mobility as the direction and motivation of the labor force. Moreover, she also suggests some recommendations related to education and recruitment consultancy.

The presentations of other participants in the meeting will contribute to complete the suggestions for the meeting “High-level policy dialogue on Human Resource development in the digital age” organized on 15 May 2017.