Salary and benefits are always important factors affecting the employees’ decision to find a job, switch jobs, stay or move into a new field. Assessing the salary and benefits that employees are receiving compared to the general market benchmark will help employees to plan their career paths to match their desired income, and prepare themselves to develop appropriate skills and knowledge to confidently negotiate for a higher salary.

Although the current salary and benefits packages are considered by many employers in the market as “attractive”, there is no specific benchmark. This makes it difficult for employers to understand exactly the expectations of job seekers, to create effective recruitment and retention plan.

Therefore, Navigos Group, which owns the largest employee databases in Vietnam, conducts this survey with the expectation to help job seekers and employers have a comprehensive view of salary, bonus, welfare in many fields and different industries in Vietnam nowadays.

We hope that you will take 5 minutes to complete this survey. The results of the survey will contribute greatly to help employers have better solutions about salary, bonus, welfare for employees.

The completed report will be published publicly. Navigos Group will send you a report in PDF format as a sincere thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

*** Confidential: Personal information of participants will be completely confidential and will not disclose details in the content of the Report.