Ho Chi Minh city, February 8th, 2022 – Navigos Group, Vietnam’s leading recruitment service provider, which has owned the online job-searching website VietnamWorks, the middle and senior personnel recruitment company Navigos Search, published the report “FMCG personnel: Challenges and Opportunities as the market recovers after COVID-19”. In 2021, the FMCG industry has experienced certain difficulties and challenges due to the heavily impacted by the Covid-19 epidemic. Navigos Group produced this report to provide up-to-date observations of the industry. At the same time, this report also makes recommendations related to recruitment to help businesses in this field optimize their existing resources and attract other human resources with the business to continue growth in 2022.

1. General effect of Covid-19 to FMCG industry

Sales channel conversion from traditional channels to modern channels

The Covid-19 epidemic, which lasted from 2020 to 2021, has caused the FMCG industry a change in sales channels. In the normal state without Covid, products are mainly consumed in Traditional Channels such as traditional markets and agents and Modern Channels such as supermarkets and convenience stores.

However, due to the social distancing caused by the epidemic and the limitation in face-to-face contact, consumers have shifted their behavior from Traditional Channels to Modern Channels. Besides, consumers have started to create buying habits on Digital Channels, leading to the explosion of online sales applications.

Change Delivery Method to be suitable for consumers demands

As consumers shift to new consumption behaviors on modern channels and digital channels, businesses must find solutions to ensure goods are delivered to consumers in the fastest and safest way. Therefore, businesses in the FMCG industry have had to “shake hands” with businesses in E-commerce fields to solve the selling channels and delivery goods problems. We can see delivery apps, food delivery becoming more and more popular.

Promote employer branding on social media channels

To attract potential candidates, businesses in this industry regularly organize many events to attract candidates through webinars of management trainee programs on social media channels

Sales changes jobs the most during the pandemic

Sales is the largest human resources as well as the team that leaves the FMCG industry the most in 2020 and 2021. The main reason comes from the fact that this is a very fast-growing and fast-changing industry. Besides, the market share of the leading companies in the FMCG industry is very competitive, therefore, the Sales team is required to be extremely dynamic to meet the requirements of the business. That is also reason why besides the need to recruit Marketing positions, Sales are also the positions where the FMCG industry has the highest recruitment demand.

FMCG’s personnel meet the challenges that are expected to be always available to adapt to the changes

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the requirements of employers in the FMCG industry have new recruitment requirements for potential candidates of this industry. That is, employees will always be in a state of readiness to change, ready to adapt to market fluctuations.

2. Challenges in FMCG recruitment

The demand for recruiting mid-level and senior-level personnel increases

Businesses in FMCG industry have high demand to recruit mid-level and high-level personnel, but the market is scarce for these positions.

Competitive salary, bonus, and welfare regime among enterprises in the same industry

Because personnel in this industry, especially Sales and Marketing positions, tend to change jobs frequently, so it is difficult to find high-quality candidates despite the excitement of the candidates in the market. Since then, businesses must come up with competitive policies on salary, bonus, and attractive remuneration such as 13-month salary policy, insurance for the whole family, shuttle service to attract talents.

3. New challenges for FMCG personnel

General characteristics of FMCG industry personnel

Human resources in the FMCG industry have several specialized characteristics such as: ability to work independently and high commitment; frequently moving; ability to use language flexibly and skillfully. In particular, FMCG personnel often do not maintain stability for a long time at a company. They often change jobs after 2-3 years working at an organization. This leads to businesses in the FMCG segment often have a need to recruit personnel.

Marketing & Branding personnel are always preferred

One of the bright points of Marketing & Branding personnel in the FMCG industry is that they always have many opportunities and are welcome in other fields including commercial banks when they want to promote the construction of the Retail and Digital Conversion segment. Candidates in FMCG industry have great creativity and experience in developing strategies to increase product coverage in the market. Besides, because of the FMCG industry’s competitiveness, the Marketing & Branding personnel in this industry must have a deep understanding of the market. They also have the acumen, predicting market reactions quickly to adjust and change strategies or campaigns for products. Those are the reasons why employees in this field are always greeted by businesses.

FMCG industry personnel face difficulties when the market changes rapidly and continuously.

Since FMCG is a competitive industry related to sales and logistics, it is always a challenge for any employee, especially Sales, if they want to succeed in this industry. In addition, personnel in this industry must move frequently, even working away from home is a challenge for the endurance of this team. Moreover, personnel in this industry always face the risk of being fired if they cannot adapt the requirements of the business when the market changes rapidly and continuously.

Good skills at building network relationships

Due to the changes of FMCG work’s nature, from B2B and B2C form and now converted to B2B2C, as well as redirects customers as above, so that FMCG’s employees need to focus on their value networking skill. In addition, they have to prepare new knowledge and skills package relevant to E- commerce, Omni Channels and applying Information Technology in work.

Higher requirement in English

Both multi-national companies (MNCs) and big enterprises of Vietnam operating in FMCG industry all require candidates with English fluently that can respond to globalization trends in this industry, especially are Sales and Marketing personnel. This is one of the recruitment commands when MNCs recruit human resources for any position. They usually preferred candidates experienced in other MNCs with the same industry. Not only depend on their experience in MNCs environment, but also due to their fluent in English.

Requirement in new knowledge and skills

FMCG enterprises tend to recruit Sales online instead of Sales in traditional markets. Thus, traditional candidates will need to equip themselves with new knowledge and skills related to digital transformation and information technology to prepare for the upcoming 5 – 10 years. Currently, although the traditional channels are still existed in a large number and the opportunities for traditional employees are available in 1 to 2 years later. But in the future, if they do not convert to the new requirements and skills later, there is a possibility of being fired.

Mid-level and senior personnel are forced to reinvent themselves

Middle and senior level personnel in the FMCG industry are now forced to reinvent themselves in management due to changes in the way of working, new markets, new customers. Besides, in addition to multinational enterprises, the market also has domestic enterprises with the appearance of very young owners. As a result, there appear to be differences in generational thinking between young people and senior managers. To survive and develop, senior managers will be forced to renew themselves if they still want to continue working in this industry.

4. Suggestions of Navigos Group

Suggestions for Employers:

– In human resources, businesses should be willing to choose potential candidates instead of candidates who already have experience and skills for the new requirement. Potential is shown in the ability to learn, adapt, work skills, vision….

– Enterprises can invest in Training, Counseling/Coaching… not only in career skills but also in mindset, orientation, ability to endure stress and change… for new personnel to keep up with the change.

– Invest in shifting proportions to new channels, but still combine to take advantage of the dominance of traditional channels, in order to optimize resources.

Suggestions for Candidate:

– Expand your abilities in accepting changes, business trips and business trips abroad.

– Equipping knowledge and skills on new technology platforms, new technology applications in the world have been applied to the industry to prepare for new requirements at work.

– English is mandatory, not only in communication but now in using and applying technology applications, reading, and understanding documents, updating knowledge.

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