Ho Chi Minh city, July 4th 2017 —- Navigos Group, leading in the recruitment industry in Vietnam, the group comprises www.vietnamworks.com, an online recruitment portal and Navigos Search, an executive search firm, today celebrates its 15-year-anniversary, to mark its journey as the pioneer and leading in Vietnam recruitment industry.

Reached more than 3 million registered users and served 13 thousand employers

In 2002, Navigos Group launched www.vietnamworks.com and it quickly became the first online recruitment portal in Vietnam market. This launching has improved the traditional job search into the new method, met the online recruitment trend in the world. In its 15-year-history, Vietnamworks continually becomes the leading in online recruitment portal with its largest database of Vietnamese and foreign professionals; has reached more than 3 million registered users and served 13 thousand employers.

Navigos Group’s leading role in building and developing recruitment industry in Vietnam

In 2003, Navigos Search has released by Navigos Group, hence, brought the definition “executive search firm” to Vietnam market for the first time ever. In the meantime, Vietnam has been actively attracting the foreign direct investment, Navigos Search has successfully helped recruit candidates for hundreds of international companies and global companies. Till now, Navigos Search has collaborated with thousands of companies and hundreds of candidates at the middle and high level in Vietnam market. The success of M&A with high profiles from Ernst & Young has brought Navigos Search to become the leading in executive search firm based on its revenue and scale. From the beginning, Navigos Search always serves the market as an incubator to train skilled consultants and helps to bring recruitment industry to the next level.

2013, en-japan, one of the leading recruitment company based in Japan announced its investment to Navigos Group, officially increases its opportunities to grow in Asian Pacific. This successful M&A deal helped Navigos Group obtain its constant values from the parent company, which becomes a global company with more than 30 offices across the region. It is now releasing to the market various online websites that meet recruitment demands such as www.japanworks.com, online recruitment website for Japanese employers and candidates; www.topitworks.com, online recruitment website for IT industry. In 2016, Navigos Group growth rate was more than 25% and for now, we become one of the leading recruitment companies in term of revenue, increased its scale from 10 employees since 2002 up to 450 employees in 2017.

Focus on long term vision “Success After Joining” to aim for the sustainable development for Vietnam

“To aim the sustainable development for Vietnam, we are now focusing on our long-term vision “Success After Joining”. Not only care for their current success, but we also care for their durable success in the future. This vision helps the company to maintain its development and creates the respective value for market and social as well. In another way, the long-term vision which helps people and companies achieve their dreams is also our mission.  Navigos Group hopes to share this vision to enterprise and together we contribute to improve the quality of human resource”, said Mr.Gaku Echizenya, Navigos Group’s CEO.

To mark its 15 years anniversary and continually demonstrate its leading role, Navigos Group announces their business growth strategy. Especially, Navigos Group will focus on recruitment solution service; enhance the market quality by creating an actual competition; increase community’s value by investing in social activities; accompany with employees and employers to improve their career; ongoing commitment to support the young generation in career guidance and contribute to human resource development.