Ho Chi Minh City, December 25th, 2019, Navigos Group, the leading HR service provider in Vietnam, officially announced its successful signing of a strategic investment in Kyna.vn – an online learning platform for adults, and KynaBiz.vn – one-stop e-learning solutions for business, a subsidiary powered by Dream Viet Education. On the same day of signing, Dream Viet Education will also transfer the authorization to continue developing and operating the Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn platform to Navigos Group.

This cooperation has reached an agreement from both sides, from the date mentioned above, Navigos Group officially became a strategic investor with a majority holding in online learning platform – Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn. Specifically, Dream Viet Education will transfer the online learning platform, including the operating system and the existing resources on Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn to Navigos Group. This is Navigos Group’s first strategic investment since it became a member of the en group that specializes in recruiting services, whose headquarter bases in Tokyo (Japan).

After signing officially takes effect, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh was officially appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer and will take over the Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn division at Navigos Group. The Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn online learning platform after merging with Navigos Group will continue to be developed following the business strategy of Navigos Group, Dream Viet Education will provide the advisory support during the transfer.

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group shared:

“During more than 1.5 years of getting to know our partner before deciding to invest, we and the partner realized the common philosophy between the two sides. It is a commitment to support the workforce in Vietnam to improve their knowledge and skills to become more professional. At Navigos Group, we believe that for each person’s career to continuously reach the new heights, they will have to constantly go through the stages of Evaluation – Employment – Education. This is also the 3E-method product development strategy in order to achieve our long-term vision “Success After Joining” at Navigos Group. For Navigos Group, in particular, the investment of education business is to fulfill the goal of becoming the first and only human resource centric ecosystem in Vietnam. With a team of experienced staff in the field of personnel, and owning the largest job seekers database in Vietnam, we are confident to develop the stronger Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn service segment, aiming to help people achieve dreams of success in their career, thereby contributing more value to businesses and Vietnam society.

Ms. Tram Ho, CEO of Dream Viet Education said:

“Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn were established with the mission to bring access to quintessential knowledge for everyone, so we are impressed by the similar development vision of Navigos Group and their extensive experience in the human resources field. Through this, we see the potential for faster development of Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn if transferred to Navigos Group.  We strongly believe that with strategic investment and support from Navigos Group, Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn will become a leading online learning platform for professionals and corporates.  Besides accompanying and supporting Navigos Group to help Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn, we will focus on developing our key product – Kynaforkids.vn with the aim to develop leading online school for children. Together, we will become comprehensive e-learning ecosystem empowering millions of Vietnamese citizens.”


#About Navigos Group

With two major services, VietnamWorks – the biggest and longest-running online job portal in Vietnam, Navigos Search – the leading recruitment services for middle and high-level personnel, Navigos Group Vietnam has just celebrated its 17 years of establishment in Vietnam. Currently, VietnamWorks is connecting 4.2 million job seekers and 15,000 employers in Vietnam, while Navigos Search is the leading solution provider with a valuable source of candidates with up to 300,000 resumes of middle and high-level candidates. From 2013, Navigos Group has become the subsidiary of en group, one of the leading recruitment firms in Asia, whose headquarter bases in Tokyo, Japan.

#About Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn

Kyna.vn is an online skill training platform for white-collar workers, and Kynabiz.vn – one-stop online learning solutions for business, both powered by Dream Viet Education.

Currently, Kyna.vn is the leading online skills training platform for white-collar workers in Vietnam, with more than 25,000 video lectures, more than 600 courses with diverse topics, more than 200 experts, prestigious training organizations in domestic and international. Kynabiz.vn is an online training solution for business that is trusted by many customers in the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.

#About Dream Viet Education Corporation

Dream Viet Education is a key player in the e-learning industry in Vietnam with different leading e-learning products include Kyna.vn – online learning platform for white-collar workers; Kynabiz.vn – one-stop online learning platform for corporates and Kynaforkids.vn – an online school for children.

Following up after this partnership with Navigos Group, Dream Viet Education’s main focus is Kynaforkids.vn and the Kynaforkids.vn has been providing online English tutoring and online video content for more than 200,000 children nationwide. Kyna English – a key product of Kynaforkids.vn allows students to learn English with native teacher in one on one, immersive learning session bases on personalized learning path.

 ベトナム最大級の総合人材サービス企業Navigos Group(以下、ナビゴス)は、オンライン教育企業大手Dream Viet Educationが設立した新会社「NLV Training」の過半数を超える株式を取得し、グループ会社化した。社会人向けのオンライン教育サービス「Kyna.vn」と企業の社員向け教育・研修サービス「KynaBiz.vn」の経営権を取得し、求職者の「入社後の活躍」へ更に寄与する考えだ。

 ナビゴスのCEO越前谷氏によると、Dream Viet Education社との出会いは1年半以上前。両社の想いに共通項があると気が付くまでお互いそう時間はかからなかったという。今回の出資について同氏は以下のようにコメントしている―――『人材の教育・育成は、昨今特にベトナムの労働市場において急務であり、また我々のミッションでもある「人と企業の夢の実現」において欠かせない要素です。当社では「3Eメソッド」というEvaluation(入社前の見極め・評価)– Employment(活躍人材の採用)- Education(入社前後の教育)に基づいたサービスを展開し、入社前から入社後までのワンストップサービスに努めてまいりました。今回の出資により教育事業部分をさらに強化することが出来るようになり、今後もより一層ベトナムで働かれる皆様、そしてベトナムの労働市場に貢献したいと考えております。』

 またDream Viet Education社のCEO、Tram Ho氏も今回の合意に喜びのコメントを表明している―――『当社のオンライン教育サービス「Kyna.vn」「Kinabiz.vn」は、「知識・教育をすべての人へ」というミッションの下ベトナムで展開してまいりました。同じく熱いミッションを持ち社会に貢献しているナビゴス社の資本を受け入れることで、より多くの相乗効果が生まれると感じております。今回の出資により「Kyna.vn」「Kynabiz.vn」をオンライン教育プラットフォームとしてより多くの社会人、そして企業の皆様にお届けできると考えております。また同時に、子供向けオンライン英会話プログラム等を提供する「Kynaforkids.vn」のサービスも更に強化し、今まで以上にベトナムの皆様の役に立ちたい所存です。』


# ナビゴスグループについて


# Dream Viet Education社について

 ベトナムオンライン教育業界大手。同社が運営する社会人向け教育サービス「Kyna.vn」は25,000以上のオンライン教育プログラムを展開中。また企業向けのオンライン研修を提供している「Kynabiz.vn」では、ベトナムトップ500に入る大手企業の教育・研修サポートを中心に多くの実績を持つ。社会人・企業向けの「Kyna.vn」「Kynabiz.vn」の経営権をナビゴス社への譲渡後は、子供向けオンライン教育サービス「Kynaforkids.vn」の中でも主力の「Kyna English」を更に強化する方針だ。「Kyna English」はネイティブ講師から学ぶことが出来るオンライン英会話プログラム。現在世界中から200,000人以上の子供たちが利用している。