On Saturday, 1st October 2016, the technology and IT job fair TECH EXPO 2016 welcomed more than 2600 IT professionals and 60 IT companies. The event was organized by VietnamWorks – an online professional job service.

Mr.Gaku Echizenya, Chief Executive of VietnamWorks, said in his opening speech at TECH EXPO 2016: “In 2005, VietnamWorks.com posted over 10,000 IT jobs, attracting more than 100,000 job applications from all over Vietnam. The numbers show that the IT industry in Vietnam has been thriving. We organized TECH EXPO in order to provide IT professionals with opportunities to train and develop themselves for a better future. Moreover, with many dynamic activities such as recruitment booths, IT seminars and technology showcases, TECH EXPO 2016 supports IT professionals to improve themselves and become “IT superheroes” of Vietnam”.

In June 2016, the TECH EXPO 2016 campaign was launched nationwide by VietnamWorks with many attractive advertisements such as recruitment booths of 60 famous companies in IT industry, the exhibition of modern technologies – 3D printing, the new generation of computer technology, the activity and sleep tracking technology, Smart home technology, telecom technology and so on

At the event, VietnamWorks also introduced topITworks – a new website dedicated to IT jobs. Since its launch in the middle of 2016, topITworks has received many positive responses from the IT community, attracting nearly 20,000 applications for a hundred IT jobs monthly.

Over 11,000 IT professionals have registered to attend TECH EXPO 2016. At the event, there were at least 300 IT job vacancies to choose from and employers also had a chance to communicate and interview potential candidates on the spots.

Furthermore, a total of 6 IT seminars took place during the event in Hà Nội and Hồ Chí Minh City and attracted up to 100 attendees for each seminar.

In Hà Nội:

Topic 1Big Data, Deep Learning & AI: Challenge and Application

Speaker: Mr. Phạm Thành Lâm – founder of Saigonapps

Topic 2Silicon Valley’s secret to recruiting exceptional software engineers

Speaker: Mr. Bình Trần – Managing Partner of  500 Startups in Vietnam

In Hồ Chí Minh City:

Topic 1The future of game development in the world

Speaker: Mr. Nguyễn Nhật Tuyên – Director of VNG Game Studios

Panel guest: Gameloft

Topic 2: Agile culture: Better environment, Better product, Better teamwork

Speaker: Mr. Chris Kruppa – Chief Magician Officer of Evecoo & Mr. Oscar Lopez – Senior Product Owner of VietnamWorks

Guest: Audience Media, Hunter Macdonald, Axon Active, Dirox, PYCOGroup, Neolab, and FPT Software

Topic 3: Silicon Valley’s secret to recruiting exceptional software engineers

Speaker: Mr. Bình Trần – Managing Partner of  500 Startups in Vietnam

Guest: Luxoft and Nastech

Topic 4: Case Study: From Vietnam to the global tech world

Speaker: Mr. Trần Ngọc Quang – Coordinator of IT center of RMIT Vietnam University

Guest: TMA Solutions, Niteco, Aswig Solutions and TinyPulse