Ho Chi Minh City, June 2, 2020 – VietnamWorks, Vietnam’s largest online recruitment website, belonging to Navigos Group, has just  launched VietnamWorks InTECH: an online recruitment platform dedicated to information technology personnel.

Comprehensive support for IT human resources for career development

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, Navigos Group CEO shared: “The demand for recruiting IT personnel has increased by 4 times in the last decade, particularly for Software Developer is 4.1 times. However, during the process of working with IT employers and candidates, we recognize that there are still many barriers for candidates to find jobs that help them achieve their dream career in technology, such as difficulty in accessing valuable experience from experts or lack of timely quality information. Therefore, VietnamWorks launches a recruitment platform VietnamWorks InTECH that dedicated to the IT field to help IT candidates overcome the above difficulties as well as to bring more specific services/activities to better support IT human resources.”

VietnamWorks InTECH works to support IT candidates in a more comprehensive way in career development, at all levels, from fresh graduates to senior candidates. This is achieved through a combination of online services and senior recruiting consulting services from Navigos Search. In addition, the courses associated with VietnamWorks Learning and the updated knowledge from the blog on VietnamWorks InTECH are added value to help IT candidates continuously develop their careers. The services bring additional value as follows:

  • Blog: Categories: Updated technology information; stories about Technology businesses and people; in-depth articles from experts in various technology sub-sectors; valuable information from VietnamWorks: courses, reports, tools…
  • Course: coordinating with VietnamWorks Learning to propose and provide specific courses for IT human resources. These are courses from selected experts in the field of technology and will be provided free of charge to users of VietnamWorks InTECH.
  • Events: hosting meet-ups in the IT community with participation and sharing from professional experts about profession and knowledge. The event is scheduled to be held every quarter for 250 participants. Particularly in the social distancing period due to COVID-19, the event will take place in the form of live streaming every 2 months.

Effective integration of Artificial Intelligence technology from VietnamWorks

VietnamWorks InTECH applies a new job search engine to increase job applications by 20%. At the same time, improving the search engine of Resume Search to help employers’ search speed double. Notably, the most impressive feature is the integration of the Job Recommendation System based on Machine Learning technology was internally developed by VietnamWorks. Currently, the system is processing about 4 million applications per year, increasing the application rate to 50% compared to the previous system.

Logo and Slogan explanation

• Logo:

Including 2 parts of letters and symbol:

  • “InTECH” means Information Technology and can also be related as “Into Tech”, demonstrating the role of VietnamWorks in accompanying IT human resources to reach out and further on the path of career development in the field of technology.
  • The symbol used in the logo is inspired and stylized by the symbol “<>” which is very familiar to IT human resources when programming.

• Slogan: Find a better place to code

The slogan “Find a better place to code”: is a call-to-action for all IT candidates to take the change and find a place that will help them achieve their dream of a successful technology career. VietnamWorks InTECH is a platform that is always ready to accompany and comprehensively support job seekers to achieve successful careers in the IT field.