Navigos Group Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea International Trade Association (KITA) on “Cooperation in supporting Korean-speaking jobseekers with employment opportunities in Vietnam”. The MOU signing ceremony was attended by senior representatives from both parties. All the terms under this agreement are understood and agreed by both parties.

Particularly, KITA shall support Navigos Group with the list of talented Korean candidates and Vietnamese candidates in Korea who want to find a job in Vietnam. Navigos Group shall introduce job vacancies for Korean-speaking candidates in Vietnam to KITA. Additionally, KITA and Navigos Group will cooperate in organizing job fairs in Vietnam and Korean; Navigos group shall join and promote the Global Trade Job fair in Korea to all current users of Navigos Group’s database including both employers and job seekers.

At the signing ceremony, Korea International Trade Association and Navigos Group committed to support Korean jobseekers or Vietnamese jobseekers in Korea to find suitable jobs in Vietnam; at the same time, support Korean enterprises in Vietnam to find talented candidates through this program.

Mr. Hak Joon Kim, Managing Director of Korea International Trade Association, said “I believe this MOU will allow KITA and Navigos to not only contribute to people-to-people exchange, but also to our national economic cooperation and development. I also hope that through this agreement, more Korean job seekers will be given the opportunity to thrive on the global stage”.

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, Chairman & CEO of Navigos Group, expressed his expectations for the MOU: “By the end of 2016, Korea has become the largest foreign investor in Vietnam. This creates many employment opportunities for Korean-speaking candidates for moving up their career. I strongly believe that the partnership will bring valued benefits to both parties, and to the professional communities herein Vietnam and in Korea”.

During 15 years since its inauguration, Navigos Group has followed its mission of “helping people and companies achieve their dreams”. Not only in Vietnam labor market, Navigos Group has been planning for regional expansion through the cooperation opportunities with international enterprises and associations. The MOU between Navigos Group and Korea International Trade Association marked its commencement in cooperation with global organizations.