CEO’s Vision

G A K U   E C H I Z E N Y A


Navigos Group is not just a recruitment partner, we are a partner for people and companies success, as stated in our mission of “helping people and companies achieve their dreams”. By staying true to our 5 core values – WOW Service, Improve It, Own It, Straight Talk, Integrity we have consistently delivered a high quality of service to job-seekers and recruiting companies since our foundation in 2002.

As Navigos Group became part of en-japan, an international company with a wide range of expertise in HR and recruitment, we adopted en-japan’s unique 3E method of Employment, Education and Evaluation. While we are currently the leading entity in employment field in Vietnam , we are working on Education and Evaluation aspects to complete this 3E method. Our vision in adopting this method is to become even more effective at supporting professionals and companies at all stages of recruitment, including post-recruitment development journey. We call this vision “success after joining”, and we commit to this vision as a way to develop our organization as well as making a meaningful contribution to the Vietnamese labor market.

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Determined to provide outstanding service, we operate based on 5 Core Values