Ho Chi Minh City, July 4, 2019 – VietnamWorks, Vietnam’s largest online recruitment website, belongs to Navigos Group, announcing information after the largest job fair for technology manpower in Vietnam: TECH EXPO 2019, took place on June 29 in HCMC and the updated “Information Technology Labor Market Report 2019”


A record of more than 1500 candidates attended this year

More than 1500 is the number of candidates attended TECH EXPO 2019 on June 29. Of which, 79% are candidates with experience of 2 years or more, besides the number of new graduates and management level experience.

In addition, 5 specialized seminars shared by leading experts from Tiki, Ahamove, PYCO Group, Cinnamon AI also attracted a large number of IT personnel to join, each seminar received the participation of more than 300 candidates with above 2-year experience.

40 companies attracted candidates with more than 300 vacancies

This year’s fair has the participation of 40 employers, the number of records set so far, with more than 300 vacancies. In addition to activities such as interactive games using virtual reality technology, programming challenges, corporate culture sharing activities are also focused by businesses in this year’s event.

Employer brand is interested by technology candidates when looking for job

In the ​​GoBear’s booth, every 1 hour, representatives of this company will stand to share directly about the corporate culture and the “pure technology” workflow here. Accordingly, this enterprise recruited with the goal of diversity and inclusivity, seeking candidates with characteristics similar to the “value system” of the company such as: results-driven, ownership, adaptability, integrity and learning mindset. In addition, GoBear also offers detailed procedures and collaboration and teamwork management tool such as Slack, Jira, Confluence, Zoom… so that candidates better understand the company culture and how to work.

60% of above 5-years-experience candidates are well-qualified for senior positions

TECH EXPO 2019 also attracted the attention of highly experienced candidates. Navigos Search – middle and high-level personnel recruiting services reached many candidates with over 5 years of experience, some are having a salary of 2,000-3,000 USD, looking for new opportunities or positions management level. Navigos Search representative also said that after quick interviews on-site with candidates to learn more about their experiences and the upcoming career expectation, nearly 60% of candidates are suitable for vacant positions that Navigos Search is looking for.

Introducing the free blockchain online course with international standards

Not only bringing job opportunities, Dreamplus, the top open innovation platform from Hanwha, partnering with VietnamWorks, have provided to candidates the “Blockchain Academy” program. The program includes online courses that are provided free of charge to attendees, designed to provide knowledge about Blockchain from basic to advanced. The representative of Dreamplus said: “Vietnam IT workforces, has long been highly regarded internationally. They have enormous potential to grow up and beyond, given better access to knowledge and technology. Thus, in partnership with Vietnamworks, we bring the most exciting and promising technology now – Blockchain –  from world-class content providers to Vietnamese users in hope that it will empower the Vietnamese IT community even more. With this online course, we bring classes from UC Berkeley, USA or from Singapore to anywhere in Vietnam. This will be a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the game.”


In TECH EXPO 2019, VietnamWorks has released a full update of the “Information Technology Labor Market Report 2019”. The report shows an overview of the industry’s recruitment demand as of the first 6 months of 2019 through VietnamWorks and candidates survey’s data.

IT personnel with expertise in Blockchain and AI continue to be offered the highest salary

Accordingly, the average offered salary for software development engineers related to Blockchain is 2,186 USD, related to AI (artificial intelligence) is 1,856 USD.

The average offered salaries for Blockchain and AI are not much different in HCMC and Hanoi. However, it is noteworthy that the average offered salary for Back-end expertise in HCMC is 2,017 USD, which is in the top, while this figure in Hanoi is only 1,174 USD, the lowest among all expertise.

The field of data technology rose in the first half of 2019

In addition to the rise of Blockchain and AI, Data Science and Big Data also have a strong increase in demand. Data Science had a 121% increase in the number of job postings and 137% in the number of job applications, in the first half of this year compared to 2017. These figures for Big Data are 135% and 56% respectively.

The average offered salary for the Big Data is 1,690 USD and for the Data Science is 1,652 USD.

Solution architect receive the highest salary in term of job roles

According to the candidate survey, in terms of job roles, the top 3 positions with the highest salary are Solution architect with a salary of 1,388 USD; Product Manager with a salary of 1,382 USD and Project Manager with a salary of 1,265 USD.

Nearly 60% of candidates consider changing jobs because they want higher salaries

More than half of the survey participants intend to switch jobs in the next 6 months. Accordingly, the reason they consider changing jobs is that they want to get a higher salary (56.8%), want higher career level (12.5%) and want to refresh their working environment (10.7%).

In addition, more than one-third of the candidates do not have overtime pay even though they have to work overtime. 82% of candidates said that overtime pay is not available or unclear.